Myth 1:

Veteran’s benefits can take up to two years to be approved.


A well crafted, thoroughly completed and hand delivered application can regularly be approved in 3 weeks to 3 months.

Myth 3:

I wasn’t injured in the war, so I don’t qualify.


Service connected injury or disability is not required.

Myth 5:

Medicaid can take my house, car, money, social security and all of my possessions.


There are several rules that allow for the protection of the majority of a person’s assets. Don’t be misled by misinformation and myths.

Myth 2:

One had to be overseas fighting to qualify for benefits.


As long as a veteran served during a declared time of war, they can qualify.

Myth 4:

My husband passed away, so I cannot qualify for the VA benefit.


As long as the veteran and spouse were married at the time of death, the spouse can qualify for VA benefits.

Myth 6:

Medicaid is only for the poor.


This is a long established benefit program available to those who qualify. The rules allow for protection of the majority of assets.