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Generous benefits are available to help pay for assisted living, in-home care, and nursing home care.

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What should a client ask prior to working with Senior Solutions?

What to ask

  • Everything and Anything
  • Fee Structure
  • When can we schedule
  • What should we bring

What is a Medicaid spend down?

Learn about the Medicaid spend down, what it means to your planning, and how it’s calculated. 

What is the maximum amount of income to qualify for Medicaid?

Learn about how Medicaid benefits are calculated based on your income.

There’s No Such Thing As A Medicaid Insurance Policy?

Only long-term care insurance can help with long-term custodial care. There is no such thing as a Medicaid Policy. 

How do you evaluate a facility and what questions to ask?

Facility Questions

  • Sites with Ratings
  • Multiple Options
  • Options to Avoid
  • Covid Procedures
  • Staff turnover

What differentiates Senior Solutions from the competition?


  • Indiana’s Only Dedicated Firm
  • Free to Meet
  • Plan with You
  • You Keep the Plan
  • Full Transparency

When you have questions about benefits for long-term care, SSC has answers!