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Benefits are available to help pay for long-term care. We’ll help you qualify.

We’re Here to Help Veterans & Spouses

Most veterans who served during war time and their current or surviving spouses (who have not remarried) may be eligible for the VA Aid & Attendance benefit. There are qualification rules to gain such benefits.

At Senior Solutions Consulting, our focus is on assisting families with crisis long term care planning. We have been central Indiana’s only dedicated firm specializing in Nursing Home Benefits and Veterans benefits since 2000.

Since 2000, we have gained benefit approval for over 1,200 families for Nursing Home Benefits and over 1,750 veterans’ families.

What Care Costs

For Hoosiers, the…
Nursing home care
average cost of nursing home care is
$101,832 per year.*
Assisted living
average cost of assisted living is
$51,600 per year.*
Long-term care insurance
number with long-term care insurance is
less than 1%.*
Home health aid
average cost of home health aid is
$54,912 per year.*

*Source: Genworth 2020 Cost of Care Survey

How We Help You

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We're your Medicaid & VA Benefits specialists.
As Indianapolis’ only truly dedicated “Medicaid & VA” firm, gaining benefits is our only focus. You will experience complete satisfaction in our process and planning. This is all we do!
We're connected to local Medicaid & VA offices.
At SSC, we strive daily to quickly help families gain benefit approval. We work face to face with the local Medicaid and VA offices, to ensure an accurate application process which results in quicker approvals.
We fit your budget.
Unlike other firms, our initial consultation is always free. Only after contracting with SSC is there a fee. Once engaged, we will work with our clients for life…never charging additional fees like most other firms do. You pay us only once. Since you do not need an attorney to complete VA or Medicaid paperwork, why pay those high prices?
Our team is here to serve you.
We often work closely with a client’s existing legal and tax counsel and when needed, engage our own retained counsel to assist with legal issues. When it comes to something as important as a parent’s or family member’s care, you should only work with the best…one with a proven success record.
We work with the best senior care facilities.
Our firm has working relationships with over 30 facilities in the greater Indianapolis area. Our experience and knowledge in the area of senior care allows us to recommend appropriate care solutions for our clients.
We get you results.
All clients that have met the qualification guidelines have gained approval. That is a 100% success rate. For us, there is no greater satisfaction than when a family can be relieved in knowing that benefits have been approved and their loved one gets the care they need.
How We Help You
More About Senior Solutions

More About Senior Solutions

  • SSC is very proud of our success record. We have a 100% success rate with benefit approval when clients meet program guidelines. Again, We don’t stop until we get you the benefits that you deserve.
  • Every client’s situation is unique. Our dedicated staff will see your case through the entire approval process.
  • Our initial consultation is always free.
  • Since these programs are national, we can work with clients in any state.
  • Our fee is a one-time payment, which is typically less than 50% of what many elder law firms may charge.
  • We meet face-to-face with local VA and Medicaid offices to ensure an accurate application process which results in a quicker approval.

The Truth About Benefits

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Myth: Veterans benefits can take up to two years to be approved.
Fact: A well crafted, thoroughly completed and hand delivered application can regularly be approved in 3 to 6 months.
Myth: You had to have served overseas to qualify for benefits.
Fact: As long as a veteran served during a declared time of war, they can qualify.
Myth: I wasn't injured in the war, so I don't qualify.
Fact: Service-connected injuries or disabilities aren’t required.
Myth: My husband passed away, so I can't qualify for VA benefits.
Fact: As long as the veteran and spouse were married at the time of death, the spouse can qualify for VA benefits.
Myth: Medicaid can take my house, car, money, social security, and all of my possessions.
Fact: There are several rules that allow for the protection of the majority of a person’s assets. Don’t be misled by misinformation and myths.
Myth: Medicaid is only for the poor.
Fact: This is a long-established benefit program available to those who qualify. The rules allow for protection of the majority of assets.
The Truth About Benefits

2021 Monthly Maximum Benefit Amounts for VA Aid & Attendance

(This is a tax free monthly pension. We can qualify most families, regardless of their level of income or assets.)